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Power Distribution Board

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A    10.30 L x2.1 H  x 1.0 W  meter  Power Distribution Board panel under final assembly at our workshop.

It consists of 2Nos. source ACB 3200 Amp , 21 nos. of  outgoing feeders along with 2 nos of 1000 A, change over switch .

A consistent Quality  and  Geometrical Symmetry is main feature.  



Quality system Audit

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We are known for our Quality Products , Services and Work culture too.

Quality system 9001:2008 Audit is being done for Renewal of Accreditation.

Audit in Quality Assurance department for in- process  panels  quality checks is in view.                                                         IMG_20160123_145333

Continual / regular checks as per  system standards  and Product stanadards ensures Consistently Good quality products.

Energy optimization in Lighting / Safe working practices

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Earlier  Flourescent light fitting with 4×54 watts was installed, Light intensity  was  400lux  approximately . It was a matter  of concern for the workmen .Creating stress on eyes of the workmen and  sometimes leading to improper inspection of the job .   New LED fitting of  150 watts with a light output of  650 lux app. fitted .  In total 22 nos. light fittings replaced in the working area  in shopfloor .

Effects :

1. It results to saving of Electric energy  of 66 watt/fitting and for 22 nos, it saves 1.4kw/hr. i.e saving of 30kwh/day.

2.  Reduced Stress on workmen eyes . Thus better health , increased  output , reduced rejection .

3. Much more Burning life in comparison to Flourescent light fitting . Thus  saving  Recurring maintenance  costs.


” GVL  participation in Energy Optimization  – >Green Initiative”

Updations of Electrical systems at Industries in Karnataka

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Looking at Maintenance prevention Techniques/Electrical system safety and Reliability,the Electrical Power Distribution system at Auto components Industry ,reviewed to ensure Optimum utilization of plant capacity/ Personnel safety / minimize interruptions/ Flexibility of operations .

Total Power distribution system of 4000kVA at 33/0.433kV with Multi sources , has been redesigned with latest Technology Switchgear to ensure Seamless operations .

Less Failure > More Production > Low Specific Power Consumption .

A Green Initiative !

Panels under Assembly

Panels under Assembly

DG set synchronization through PLC

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We are pleased to declare the successful commissioning of 2 nos of DG set ( 500 KVA & 380 KVA ) in synchronized and Automated load sharing mode through PLC for a continuous process plant . It will facilitate the seamless operations of the plant thus saving of wastage during power interuptions and rework .

It will optimize the Plant Capacity utilization thus reduced Specific Energy consumption.

A Green Initiative. !