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Electrical System Audit

Posted on: March 28th, 2016 No Comments

Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank  ltd  has  hired the services  of Energy Cell  of  GVL Electro Controls  .

The MSC Bank serves as a balancing center for the surplus resources of co-operatives in the state and thereby ensures their multifaceted development and prosperity.  MSC Bank is the biggest co-operative bank in the country. MSC Bank  has got presence all spread over Maharashtra with 55 branches , co-ordinated  6 Regional offices and Head office in Mumbai  .

GVL elctro controls  is to study its Electrical Power system for its  Reliability / Uninterrupted  Continuity  /Safety  and suggest ways to improve the performance.  In this association with us , M.S.C Bank has also  initiated  A Technical  feasibility study for installation of  Rooftop Solar  Power system as a

Green Energy Initiatives”.