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GVL – Introduce new range of Panels.

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GVL  Electro  introduces new range of   Power Distribution  Boards  as     “Portable  Power  Distribution  Boards”  , One such panel has been manufactured for transfer  of  2000kw  of power  with a  synchronising  facility  between two different    sources of  power ,– with Customized  Designs   is now tested and ready  for  despatch  .                                       

GVL – Moves A step further

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 Hitachi – Hirel  has appointed  GVL Electro Controls as   Authorised Channel partner  for Its                     Industrial Automation Products and systems like PLC, VFD, HMI and SCADA systems.

1.  Maintain a good range of VFD in stock for your urgent needs. We do take sales and commissioning of VFD/      PLC /HMI  at your site.

2.We provide  facility for AMC services for Automation at your machines and processes . We provides end to end solution’s with process machines  in (FOOD, PHARMA ,CHEMICAL, STEEL , TEXTILES ) industries.

3. GVL provides the service facilities of your existing systems /panel & renovate the existing.


Solar Plant ACDB

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GVL  Electro  is now aggressively increasing its  participation in development of Solar power plant and  Its AC side  Power distribution up to the user point .These ACDB built with  all  cares and customized as per Environment conditions/ Electric power conditions / Specific Plant Engineering

Following  is a  show case  ACDBs  for  Solar power plants of  capacities  like  55/75/200/400Kw  at   various locations in Maharashtra.

 IMG_20160531_180012 IMG_20160531_180030

Turnkey Project

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A Turnkey project in a Brown Field for Auto Ancillary unit , Receipt 4000 KVA Power at 33Kv  and transfer / distribute to Shopfloor at 415 volts is under execution at Dharwad.

Design of Technical specifications , Manufacture , Supply , Erection and commissioning of complete Electric Power  scheme at site, to make it convenient  for  the client to Cut the Red tap .

This is what , GVL Electro at task to establish. 

IMG_20160129_162956   Manufacture             IMG-20160329-WA0004    Despatch  



Installation at site 



 Turnkey  Project  ——– > Optimized  Solution 

Electrical System Audit

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Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank  ltd  has  hired the services  of Energy Cell  of  GVL Electro Controls  .

The MSC Bank serves as a balancing center for the surplus resources of co-operatives in the state and thereby ensures their multifaceted development and prosperity.  MSC Bank is the biggest co-operative bank in the country. MSC Bank  has got presence all spread over Maharashtra with 55 branches , co-ordinated  6 Regional offices and Head office in Mumbai  .

GVL elctro controls  is to study its Electrical Power system for its  Reliability / Uninterrupted  Continuity  /Safety  and suggest ways to improve the performance.  In this association with us , M.S.C Bank has also  initiated  A Technical  feasibility study for installation of  Rooftop Solar  Power system as a

Green Energy Initiatives”.




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Our  chairman Sh. Gopal Lele  at 83 years , not only attend to his  factory , He too  contributes to Global cause  of “CLEAN  ENVIRONMENT” .  He successfully  developed  a Bio Gas Plant  for House Kitchen  .  It operates with food waste .  A big thought and small initiative  , If it can be implemented sincerely  for  a Community Kitchens across the regions in India   , will provide a great impetus on our cleanliness drive like

“Nation’s  Swachh  Bharat  Abhiyan”.  

Glimpse of his initative presented live on Rajya Sabha TV.

Power Distribution Board

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A    10.30 L x2.1 H  x 1.0 W  meter  Power Distribution Board panel under final assembly at our workshop.

It consists of 2Nos. source ACB 3200 Amp , 21 nos. of  outgoing feeders along with 2 nos of 1000 A, change over switch .

A consistent Quality  and  Geometrical Symmetry is main feature.  



Quality system Audit

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We are known for our Quality Products , Services and Work culture too.

Quality system 9001:2008 Audit is being done for Renewal of Accreditation.

Audit in Quality Assurance department for in- process  panels  quality checks is in view.                                                         IMG_20160123_145333

Continual / regular checks as per  system standards  and Product stanadards ensures Consistently Good quality products.

Energy optimization in Lighting / Safe working practices

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Earlier  Flourescent light fitting with 4×54 watts was installed, Light intensity  was  400lux  approximately . It was a matter  of concern for the workmen .Creating stress on eyes of the workmen and  sometimes leading to improper inspection of the job .   New LED fitting of  150 watts with a light output of  650 lux app. fitted .  In total 22 nos. light fittings replaced in the working area  in shopfloor .

Effects :

1. It results to saving of Electric energy  of 66 watt/fitting and for 22 nos, it saves 1.4kw/hr. i.e saving of 30kwh/day.

2.  Reduced Stress on workmen eyes . Thus better health , increased  output , reduced rejection .

3. Much more Burning life in comparison to Flourescent light fitting . Thus  saving  Recurring maintenance  costs.


” GVL  participation in Energy Optimization  – >Green Initiative”

Updations of Electrical systems at Industries in Karnataka

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Looking at Maintenance prevention Techniques/Electrical system safety and Reliability,the Electrical Power Distribution system at Auto components Industry ,reviewed to ensure Optimum utilization of plant capacity/ Personnel safety / minimize interruptions/ Flexibility of operations .

Total Power distribution system of 4000kVA at 33/0.433kV with Multi sources , has been redesigned with latest Technology Switchgear to ensure Seamless operations .

Less Failure > More Production > Low Specific Power Consumption .

A Green Initiative !

Panels under Assembly

Panels under Assembly

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