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Control Panel Manufacturers

Manufacturing is an art of possible. We meticulously design electrical systems for every project. With the infrastructure of Electrical Control Panel manufacturer and Energy Auditor, GVL has been successful in achieving the perfect balance of reliability, cost and performance. This synchronization is a sure shot Value for Money preposition for every project!

GVL has a state of the art facility to manufacture all types of control panels. These panels are type tested at CPRI-Bhopal for 65kA for 1 second short circuit & Temperature rise tests. Type testing for Ingress Protection further fortifies panels. The smart design makes every panel easy to install and operate, readily accessible and easy to maintain.

The panels are fabricated from CRCA sheets sourced from reputed manufacturers. The modular construction ensures speedy deliveries. The panels undergo seven tank process while powder coating ensure long lasting finish. The assembly work is carried out by skilled technicians & electricians under close monitoring of production engineers. After completion all the panels undergo rigorous tests by Quality Assurance engineers before dispatch.

Our vast product range includes:

Control Panel Manufacturers