Optimising Energy

Real Time Power Factor Control

Compensation for Rapidly changing load required automatic and manual free operation of Real Time Power Factor Control (RTPFC) Panels. Nature of load will decide Contactor or thyristor based PF correction panel will suit the requirement. Capacitor control panels are fitted with MCB, contractor & fuse. Use of micro processor based intelligent controller helps to take action about electrical network status with fine RMS measurement and take complex decision of connection and disconnection of capacitor banks to maintain targeted power factor.


  • Real time power factor correction
  • Low hysteresis loss
  • Avoid resonance condition

GVL’s Specifics :

  1. 100 to 1000KVAR
  2. 3 phase , 440 Volts.
  3. Customized designs to suit the site conditions.
  4. Fast acting IGBT packs.
  5. Suitable for 50 Degree.C

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